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How Visual Page Rank Works?

Visual Page Rank tool measures internal page ranks of all linked pages and compares the internal rank of all pages.
We are using the default formula for Page Rank, which was announced by Google, and the formula is the following:
PR(j) = 0.25 + 0.85 * sum(PR(i1)/C(i1) + PR(i2)/C(i2) + ... + PR(iN)/C(iN))
j, i1, i2, ... iN - are the different pages in Internet.
PR(i) - is Page Rank value of page i,
C(i) - the number of unique outgoing links on page i.
You can find more information about the Page Rank calculation on Wikipedia.

How To Use Visual Page Rank?

Using Page Rank tool you can find most important and linked pages and also find some pages without enough number of links.
Pages which have more incoming links (back links) are considered to be more important and to have higher PageRank.
Pages without incoming links have the lowest page rank.
You can see the visualization of your internal links map and find pages which should have more backlinks to be able to get higher page rank.

How Can I Increase Page Rank?

To get higher page rank you should get more backlinks for your page:
1) You can do internal backlinks (add links to some important internal page on a different pages on your website).
2) You can get external backlinks and track them with Backlink Checker tool.
It is also important to regularly monitor the health of your backlinks with Broken Link Checker to make sure that all your popular pages are working as expected.

Can I see Visual Page Rank In Fullscreen Mode?

Yes, you can click left mouse button on the visualization graph and the graph will be shown in fullscreen mode.
Press ESC to exit the fullscreen mode.