Free SEO Tools for websites SEO Audit

Make you web pages awesome with free seo tools

Looking to achieve better SEO results with minimal financial investment? Here’s a list of the top free SEO tools to add to your strategy.

Meta Tags Extractor

Meta Tag Extractor extracts titles, descriptions, and keywords from web-pages. This tool grabs meta information of your competitors and provides you the example of best SEO texts that help other website to get TOP positions in search results for the popular keywords. Let's investigate what meta information should be added to your pages to beat your competitors!

Backlink Checker

This tool allows you to find most popular broken backlinks to your website, and enabling you to nip them in the bud before they negatively affect your SEO.
Good backlinks are very important for SEO and it is also important to make sure these backlinks are not refering to broken 404 page on your website.
Check out the most popular links for your domain and fix all links with 4XX and 5XX status codes to get rid of broken links and improve the quality of your webpages.

Top Keywords for Domain

This free seo tool checks your competitor’s most traffic generating organic keywords for free!

Browser Caching Checker

Caching Checker tool checks if web page and all resources on this page can be cached by browser. In addition to this, it helps to find broken JS/CSS/fonts resources on the page.

Link Extractor

This free SEO tool does one simple thing: extract URLs, and meta tags images from a web page. It scraps links from the webpage using its source code – which has all data needed to interpret using the user’s browser.
You can use the tool for internet research, analysis, evaluation, web page testing, security assessments, and web page development.

Pages Checker

With this detection tool, you can easily check your website for broken and malicious hyperlinks including mistyped URLs, 404 errors, links to questionable websites, and invalid SSL certificates.
Pages Checker is an excellent tool that lets you check your webpages and identify JavaScript issues and all broken links from the page to other internal and external web pages.
This tool allows you to check your outbound links (broken, mailicious etc) - and this is one of the important part of website SEO audit process.


Check out how many backlinks exist for your domain and for domains of your competitors.
Get more backlinks from the websites and pages with the same topics as your domain - it will help search engines understand the value of your domain and increase the authority of the information on your web pages.

Website Speed Test Tool

The speed of your website is critical to its success. Faster loading websites can benefit from higher conversion rates, longer visitor duration on site, lower bounce rates, and better overall user experience. It is therefore important that you take advantage of free website speed test tools available on the Internet.
In addition to checking your website speed, this tool can also be used to check pinpoint fonts, scripts, and plugins that cause load time issues and check rendering speed in different browsers.

Visual Page Rank

Visual Page Rank tool is designed to measure internal page ranks of linked pages and compare the internal ranks of all pages. With this free SEO tool, you can find linked pages as well as pages without enough number of links.

Link Popularity

This SEO tool checks the number of web pages that link to your website helping you know how popular your site is on major search engines.