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What Link Popularity Is?

Link popularity is the metric, that helps to identify the number of mentions of some link on the Internet. It refers to the number of backlinks that point to a given website.
Link popularity used to be an important metric for search engines. Today search engines switched to focus on domain popularity, which in addition to quantity provides information about the quality of the backlinks. For this reason it is important to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible, since everyone who clicks on a backlink will be directed to your website.

How To Increase My Link Popularity?

One of the best ways to significantly increase your link popularity is to get mentions of your web page URL on other popular web sites (get backlinks).
For example, you can add the link to your posts in social networks, blogs, forums, or other websites and directories of websites and links on the Internet.
This will help search engines to understand that your link has valuable information that people sharing with each other and this link will get more popularity as a result.

How To Get All Links For My Website?

We suggest using the Link Extractor tool to collect all links from your web pages.