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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves and increases how often a particular site comes up on Google search whenever someone searches for something on their phone or laptop. This means that it makes your site accessible on google search. When a website has a high SEO rank, it is the first thing to see whenever someone searches for information on Google, which leads to more visits to the particular website. Therefore, search engine optimization makes a specific site get more visits, leading to website traffic and more customers, which means a guaranteed income. This makes it very important for websites to implement search engine optimization.

There are several free SEO tools that ease your web optimization efforts.

One of these free tools is Meta Tags Extractor. Let's say you have a keywords in mind and you want to get TOP #1 position in search results (SERPs) for this keyword. This tool grabs and shows meta information from most popular pages that already have best positions in Google search for this keyword (like Title, Description, H1-H3 titles on the page). You can see how your competitors used meta tags to get TOP10 positions in search results.

Then you are able to write meta information for your own pages to get higher search rank and more organic traffic from search results pages.

Backlink Checker is a tool that allows you to rectify any broken links before they affect your search engine optimization efforts negatively. This free SEO tool checks all backlinks for your domain and shows that broken backlinks which you need to fix (add 301 redirect or restore the content of the web page).

JS Audit Tool is very useful for JavaScript audit - it can find unused JavaScript code on your pages. Find out what JavaScript code are not required on the page and get rid of extra huge JS files imports - remove unused resources from the page! It also helps to speedup the page loading time and helps you to perform the refactoring of old JS scripts.

TOP Organic Keywords is a tool that is important to SEO professionals and bloggers because it can be used to determine a keyword that is causing the most traffic in Google, as well as where it has been ranked.

Website Speed Tool is essential for your website because a faster website gives you extra benefits. This is because people spend more time on a site that takes seconds to load. It also helps you identify what causes your location to take longer to load; therefore, you can work on it.

Check out 2020 SEO Checklist for more ideas of search optimization.

iWebTool project was created to provide free useful SEO tools that help to make websites better, faster, and more popular. Regular SEO website audit is highly recommended for everyone who want have more users on their websites in 2020 year.